Main Equipment

  • Electric Arc Furnaces
    2 No’s 10 M. Ton capacity each.
  • Electric Induction Furnaces
    2 No’s 10 M. Ton capacity each.
  • Continuous Casting Machines (CCM).
    2 No’s 150 mm & 200 mm capacity.
  • Scrap Storage Capacity 30000 M. Ton
  • Other Facilities
    Over Head Gantry Cranes 3 No’s;
    Material Testing Laboratories with latest equipment;
    Central Workshop;
    Water Cooling System & Recycling
    Chemical Stores;

Steel processing requires a finely tuned balance between the awesom strength of large, powerful machinary and the know-how of experienced engineers and operators. We at SSRM recognize the importance of continuously investing in both to provide customers with quality material that is cost effectively produced. We also valued the trust that brings you to us and we are commited to serve you better. In Past, Now and Forever.


Shalimar Steel manufactures steel billets through AC Electric Arc Furnaces and Induction Furnaces using high quality domestic and imported shredded steel scrap as the basic raw material. Two scrap yards of 30,000 M. Tons capacity each equipped with overhead cranes are in operation.
The steel melting through this unit consists of two arc furnaces of 10 M. Ton’s each and a continuous casting plant. This blend of technology is a competitive edge as arc furnaces are specifically designed for making all kinds of high quality steel grades which satisfies our quality conscious customers. Continuous casting machine is of size 8m radius which produces low and medium carbon billets and alloy steels of 75mm to 200 mm.
The second plant consists of two electric induction furnaces of 10 and 15 M. ton capacities, a ladle refining furnace, a continuous casting machine of 10m radius and a total billet producing capacity of 100mm to 250 mm.