The Plant is made out of two fundamental offices: the Pole Heater, where press mineral is lessened, and the Reformer, which creates the changing gas to be rushed into the Pole Heater. The MIDREX® DR Process can utilize both irregularities and pellets as the crude material and reuses the utilized gas. In this manner, the procedure has both low vitality utilization and low natural effect, making it a domain benevolent process. The immediate diminishment of the oxide is completed on a constant premise. The iron oxide, bolstered to the highest point of the pole heater, streams descending under gravity and is released from the base as immediate diminished iron. The pole heater has two fundamental gas circuits. In the upper circuit, press oxide is preheated and decreased by counter streaming lessening gas, comprising of overwhelmingly hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The lower circuit presents a blend of decreasing gas and common gas with the end goal of carburizing the direct diminished iron. The lessening gas is produced in the reformer by chemically changing a blend of new regular gas and reused best gas from the pole heater. The reformer is a recalcitrant fixed heater containing composite tubes loaded with a nickel-based impetus. The sustain gas blend streams upward through the impetus bed where it is warmed and transformed. The lessening gas leaves the reformer at close harmony conditions, containing 90 to 92 for each penny hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The gas is then specifically passed on to the pole heater. The warm proficiency of the reformer is extraordinarily upgraded by the warmth recuperator. This unit comprises of two shell and tube sort warm exchangers in the vent gas channel originating from the reformer. The warmth exchangers recuperate the sensible warmth from the reformer pipe gas to preheat ignition air (utilized as a part of the reformer burners) to 640 °C and to preheat the procedure gas (blend of top gas and characteristic gas sustained to the reformer tubes) to 540 °C

The item from module is released as Cool DRI and is sent to item storehouses for safety’s sake and supply to liquefy search for dissolving

To ensure quality Shalimar Steel Re-rolling Mills (Pvt) Ltd has integrated facilities from making of billets to their sales. There are number of processes involved in highest quality of products. A pictorial view of different stages of steel development.